All Books of Shadows (Complete Pack)

Get the full collection of rare Wicca Book of Shadows! Priced to be 50% of the cost of buying all the sacred texts individually.

We’ll also add some classic video of the original Bricket Wood coven performing rituals.

The Books of Shadows include:

Price: 0.02 Bitcoins (BTC)
Send payment to: 1EPvgVaCbXfzA1288kz3duqY4gp8sAUVau

Read about making payments.

33 thoughts on “All Books of Shadows (Complete Pack)”

  1. Hey. Im Alex from finland, i was talk with your HP before he died, and he gave me all thats materials. Do you have some new materials for me?

    1. It’s good to hear from you Alex. I remember he used to speak of you.

      Yes, we absolutely do have some new materials. New BoSs, but with instructions for ‘what to do’ as well; how to move, what to visualise, what hand actions to do, etc. Essentially the original Wiccan BoS annotated so anyone can do it 100% accurately. If that’s of interest I can send it to you specially (it’s not something we’re selling to just anyone.)

      It would be 0.020 BTC, payable to 1ASb1KG3rKwe4vK4mZ3VtuM2ZymBsBSWSN

      Then I can arrange to get it to you, using the same systems our dear old HP did.

      Blessed Be.

  2. Thank you so much! I will send you that now. Your HP promise to do me instruction for solitary and for two, man and women but he dead before i got it… If you can it be nice know your guys more. it have beem a time and i hope that i have been show you that im really interested of hidden children of the moon.

  3. I also miss him so much… Can you tell about him lil bit.. he was very important for me….he believe in me and helped me when another didnt. I even dont know his name…im proud and grateful that i got know Him!

    1. Thank you Alex! Before we send the BoS I have one other thing to share. I’ve been calling the other members of our coven…
      We know (because we’d all discussed it) that we were planning to have to join our Coven in some capacity. (I know you want to know more about the HP you knew, and if you were a part of our coven we could share all about him.)

      We’ve only done this twice before (in our 25 years!) but I would suggest we do a distance initiation. Then you and all of use can talk on video conference, share stories, rituals, experiences, etc.

      We currently number 12, and because we have people all around Europe (and one in the US) we usually travel for six of our sabbats/esbats every year. So approx every other year we would actually find a space and come to YOU. Obviously you’d be welcome to join us at anything elsewhere you like to. You’d be welcome to come and visit, study, whatever you wanted.

      Out of love for our old HP I’d personally make a point of coming to see you before the initiation to talk to you. In fact I could even be there with you for the distance initiation, to help bind the energy from the rest of the group to you.

      The only thing is when we’ve done this before obviously there’s flights, etc and some overhead getting people together. For an extra 0.03 BTC we could pull it all off though (using some of the funds our HP left in his will to help pay for it all too.)

      I really feel this is what he’d want, and is good and right. I’d love to present you in person with the BoS you just purchased too as an initiation present.

      We’re all in agreement, and can move forward should you wish to send those funds. Right afterwards I’ll be happy to video you personally to ‘meet’ you properly and start the arrangements.


    1. Thank you.

      For an extra 0.05 BTC we can elevate you directly to the 2nd Degree, with all the powers and privileges that come with it.

  4. Its great. Im not sure what time zone you use. But in finland time after 5 pm im free. Before it im working.
    What system you will use, skype? My skype account is: alexhki89 or my email address.
    Can we continue chatting in skype or another program?
    Best regards,

    1. That’s fine! Just bear in mind for a 2nd degree scenario we can talk at something of a ‘higher level’. But that’s up to you of course!

    1. I have been emailing! But it seems you can’t be getting them.

      Instead please head to:

      and use password:

      We can communicate there.

      (As soon as I hear from you there I’ll delete this message too.)

      I hope you enjoyed PP!


      1. Well thank you, not sure why I am not getting any of the emails, even checked my spam. Anyway, I am online now, will be for the next hour or so. (and Pagan Pride was amazing as always, went to Toronto one on Saturday, Hamilton on Sunday

  5. I just had a thought, can you check that you have the correct email address. it should be [email protected] NOT

    I have to run out for a little bit, but should be back in an hour or so.
    Why don’t you give me a “time” that you will be on-line and I will make sure that I am online as well. (Note: I am on North American Eastern Standard Time, not sure what county you are from, but if you give me your time zone I will do the time correction)

    1. I’m usually available on this site UK time 10pm till about 1am. I think that works out better if you’re in Canada though! 🙂

    1. Great! I’m actually shortly about to get a copy of Maxine Sander’s handwritten BoS. Obviously that will be something of a premium item (fewer than three people in the world have it currently.)

  6. Hey! Do I have to prepare somehow before 27th september? Could you tell what time it will be? Around? Because i live in place where internet is not exist all the time 😀 Can we talk later privatly because many of wiccan know me today and alex from finland is just one 😀
    Thank you!


    1. There’s nothing to prepare, it’s just an introductory chat. Then there will be prep work shortly after.

      Let’s do 6pm your time if that works?

      And just as we prepare for what we will/can talk about (and the prep materials for you) are you sure you don’t want to do the 2nd Degree? (We’d assumed you would.)

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